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Ink on paper.
Oil Painting
Oil on canvas.
HP Lovecraft
Pencil on paper.

New Site for Prints (Nov 17)

Hey all, I've signed myself up on a new website where I will be submitting all my original works for sale, but also where you'll be able to find quality prints made of all pieces for which they are available.

Saatchi Art

Go check it out!

Come one come all! (Oct 17)

Welcome to my page! My name is Stephen and I dabble in drawing with pencils and inks, and painting with oils. Please go ahead and peruse my works, and know that all will soon be available for print or purchase. Each piece has it's own information detailed, but note that some are commission pieces requested by others and so I can't offer those for purchase.

I am currently working on a printing solution, with the hopes that I'll be able to offer any of the original pieces you see for print in many shapes and sizes. If you are interested in contacting me regarding a commission or you'd just like to flesh out an idea that you have knocking around in your head, then please feel free to email me, or fill in the form to the right!

At this moment this site will be mainly for those works that I'm either particularly attached to or those that I want to offer for sale. I do, however, tend to do a lot more sketches and things and if you want to see aaalll of my work (even the truly awful stuff), then do check me out on instagram or deviantart!. The links to all such social media should be somewhere underneath these words..

Thanks for visiting!

Commission Form

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