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My name is Stephen and I am an artist currently living in Hertfordshire, in the UK. I paint surrealist images and portraits, but I also like to experiment with new materials and ideas.Here you can find links to my social media where I regularly post about what I'm currently working on as well as my Etsy shop where you can buy original oil paintings as well as limited edition Giclee prints.
If you have a request for a commission or you have an idea for a collaboration you'd like to discuss, please email me!
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I also made the decision to join up with Patreon last year, which is you don't know it, is a website that allows people with a creative outlet to interact and give back to their followers.
At the moment I am using it as a blog, where I update on paintings I'm working on or share ideas and frustrations. Hopefully some of you out there can find the process helpful!
Once there are more people subscribed, I want to do portrait giveaways and other fun things for people.

Click on the link and check it out if you're interested! >>
Come find me on social media and follow to keep up to date with all the doodles:
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